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Expandable 80 Standard Series
Continuous Flow Grain Dryers

Capacities from 450 to 1,700 bushels/hour

Versatility - Efficiency - Quality
The M-C Expandable 80 Standard Series high capacity grain dryers may be used for dry and cool or all-heat operations. Each chamber of a 80 Series contains a double wheel, double inlet, quiet centrifugal fan and Venturi Burner with modulated flame set between the fan wheels for a complete mixing of air and heat.

Additionally, the quality construction and factory assembly of the Mathews Company Expandable 80 Standard Series means quick field setup with a minimum of crane time and labor. Plus, the modular design means they are easily expanded when needed – assuring the dryer can grow with your grain system.

Grain Dryer Diagram  

Multiple Zone Drying
Years of research, development and testing have led to the principle of Multiple Zone Drying, which offers flexibility to your grain handling and management system.

With Multiple Zone Drying, the highest temperatures are applied to the wettest grain as it enters the drying columns. A gradual reduction in temperatures completes the drying process, improves grain quality and saves energy.

If more cooling is needed, the heat zones become cooling zones by shutting off the Venturi Burner. M-C dryers feature a burner in the cooling section that allows for all heat operation or warm grain discharge. Accordingly, heat fan HP and cool fan HP will change by the number of fans used for drying and/or cooling.

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M-C Series 75 grain dryer
Model 1180 pictured above
with optional screen walkways

The M-C Expandable 80 Standard Series features:

  • 12" grain columns
  • M-C electronic moisture controls
  • Aluminum metering rolls with SCR speed control
  • Stainless steel metering roll pans
  • Automatic safety controls
  • Expandable Remote Cabinet
  • Individual plenum chambers
  • Base section controls



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